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Thonglao: ‘Thailand will thrash Vietnam in King’s Cup 2019’

Chủ nhật, 09/06/2019 16:52 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

The famous midfielder of ‘Changsuek’ said Thailand will defeat Vietnam in the opening match of 2019 King’s Cup.

The encounter, being considered "super-classic in Southeast Asia" between Vietnam and Thailand will take place in about 1 week. This is the first national-level encounter since Coach Park Hang Seo took over the Vietnam team.

In the past, Vietnam once attended the King’s Cup in 2006 yet it was thrashed  1-3 in the final. That was the time when Datsakorn Thonglao along with Kiatisak conquered the tournament.

Thonglao, one of the symbols of Thailand, has 100 caps for Thailand team, contributing 11 goals in 16 years. Thonglao is training to prepare for the second stage at Thai League with Chonburi club.

Sharing with Zing about this clash , Thonglao said: “It's always a big game when Thailand and Vietnam meet. We have home advantages. Thailand will surely beat Vietnam at 2019 King’s Cup".

More than ever, Thailand is keen to beat Vietnam. Since the beginning of 2018, Park Hang Seo’s side has achieved various success, in every tournament that Vietnam attended. Thailand once was the powerhouse of ASEAN, but now, the table turns.

U23 Thailand with a high spirit in AFC U23 Championship 2020 Qualifiers, had to receive a bitter 0-4  defeat to U23 Vietnam. This is the most severe Thrashing of Thailand.

With home advantage and the encouragement of tens of thousands of fans, Thailand considers King's Cup the most ideal place to revenge Vietnam.

Coach Park Hang-seo’s side is set to fly to Bangkok, Thailand on June 1. They will take a night off in Bangkok before moving 400km to Buriram on June 2, to prepare for the match against Thailand on June 5.

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