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Inside coach Park's 'special method' before Vietnam victory over Thailand

Chủ nhật, 31/03/2019 16:52 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Thể Thao 247 - In order to win a historical victory over Thailand, Coach Park had to use special psychological methods to help players become stronger against public opinion’s pressure.

A tough victory over Indonesia could not hide U23 Vietnam’s weaknesses, Vietnam players also understood this when the pressure from media and public opinion forced them to win over Thailand to guarantee AFC U23 Qualification, which made their psychology unstable.

According to Bong Da, half a day before entering the final game, the atmosphere of tension enveloped young players.

"At that time, if Vietnam wants to win a ticket to the finals, they have no ways but win. Therefore many players could not avoid stress," a player recounted.

But all has changed since Mr. Park entered the conference room. "Since I led Vietnam, there has not anything we cannot do. Earlier, no one thought we won over Japan, no one thought we were going to AFC U23 Finals, no one dared to hope Vietnam would win AFF Cup? So do not be afraid of Thailand, we can do anything, so do we in this match”

From one surprise to another, Mr. Park continued: "Come on, today we follow 3-5-2 formation". "The players were surprised. Because U23 Vietnam have never played this formation and that was the first time," Coaching team told, "I remembered him looking at Hoang Duc and saying: I know you play in this position in the First Division, play alongside with Duc Chinh" and say to Quang Hai "and you play the central midfielder, any way you play well in all positions".

From the constructive and positive directions above, U23 Vietnam transformed perfectly in the match against Thailand. As a result, Duc Chinh, Hoang Duc, Thanh Chung, and Thanh Son scored 1 goal each and brought back a 4-0 win for Vietnam. This is also the highest score that the Vietnamese national team have achieved against Thailand.

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