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‘Alexander Dang should learn Vietnamese from now’, South Korean journalist said

Thứ tư, 15/05/2019 16:30 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Exclusive news: Mr Jaemin Hong gives some comment on the Norwegian-Vietnamese talent Alexander Dang.

Coach Park and the federation will plan to bring some Vietnamese-origin stars playing in Europe to the national team in preparation for World Cup 2022. One of the notable players is Alexander Dang who is in high form in Norwegian first Division.

FourFourTwo’s chief author Hong Jaemin, who always watches closely coach Park Hang-seo’s move, stated that this is a good thing to be accelerated as soon as possible.

“I support Mr Park to recruit overseas players to strengthen the national team. As you know, every strong team in the world is the combination of many nationality. Zinadine Zidane is Nigeria-origin star, Mesut Ozil is Turkish and Brazillian Diego Costa applied for Spanish nationality”, Mr Hong Jaemin shared with

“The use of overseas players resource base will help Vietnam stronger, so do it best. One more problem should be consider is whether or not that player wants to serve his country or he gets familiar with Vietnamese culture.”

Alexander Dang father shared, Alex spent most time with his Norwegian mother so he didn’t learn much about Vietnam and he cannot speak Vietnamese. Mr Hong Jaemin was surprised.

“Oh, Language and culture have huge effect on players. Such players as Ozil, Costa… they all have gotten used to culture and language of where they play since they was small so now they are able to understand his teammates well. If Alexander Dang truly wants to represent Vietnam NT, he should learn Vietnamese from now, as quick as possible”.

“It takes time for this. Don’t expect that Alex is 100% Vietnamese, yet at least he has to be aware of grasping Vietnamese culture. Whether he can play for Vietnam or not depends on himself.”, Chief author continued.

Hong Jaemin, being asked How Alex would play in Vietnam NT setup, left it opened:

“Professional skills is not really important now so we don’t need to talk about tatics. I believe Alexander Dang is a quality support for the attack. I am not sure if he desires to serve Vietnam or just wants to attend World Cup 2022. If he plays for his country, VFF should summon him”.

Until now, coach Park Hang-seo is unable to call Alexander Dang back to Vietnam since there are no the regulation to allow players who don’t have Vietnamese nationality.

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