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AFF U18 Championships 2019: Timor Leste hammered Brunei by a favorable win

Thứ tư, 07/08/2019 13:30 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
Mr Tha
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Following U18 Indonesia, U18 Timor Leste had the opening match in the AFF U18 Championship 2019- Cup Next Media with a favorable 7-2 win over Brunei.

“We met some problems about strengths yet our players fought their best to win today match, I must praise them. Thanks FFTL executive board for their full support”, said Timor Leste coach Andi Susanto.

On the wet and slippery ground, Timor Leste entered the gamed quickly and earned the first goal from Elias Mesquita’s pass for Expedito Conceicao to score in the 12th minute.

Gumario Da Silva Moreira and Dom Lucas Braz put Timor Leste  ahead by their goals in the 32nd minute and 45th minute, bagging the first half 3-0 winner.

Brunei was stronger in the second half, narrowing the gap to 1-3 with Muhd Aisan Md Aiman scoring form the short distance.

Timor Leste played defensive football right after Brunei played higher in the attack yet unable to convert many chances created.

Muhd Aisan scored the second goal for his team in the 81st minute, Timor Leste started to revenge.

Quick counter-attacks in the last minutes saw Timor Leste notched 4 goals from 2 braces of Mouzinho De Lima (82nd and 87th ) and Danilson Araujo (89th and 90th).

The last matches of group A, U18 Indonesia thrashed U18 Philippines 7-1 while U18 Myanmar earned three points after beating U18 Laos 3-1.