SEA GAMES and Fomular U22 +2: “the perfect present” for Coach Park Hang Seo

Date: 21/03/2019

Thể Thao 247 - Coach Park Hang Seo must have a satisfied smile after the new rule enacted which allows two over-age players to attend the 30th SEA Games.

In 2019, Vietnamese football will have to achieve 3 main goals: U23 Asian 2020 Qualifiers, World Cup 2022 Qualifiers and SEA Games 30. Coach Park Hang Seo will directly coach National Team to join the World Cup Qualifier. In particular, the most important task appointed by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Mr Nguyen Ngoc Thien is to win the 30th SEA Games gold medal.

Recently, the National Olympic Committee announced to the Vietnam Football Federation that the 30th SEA Games acquires players who are under 22. However, now each team will be allowed to register 2 players at the older ages. This is understandable as such tournaments organized by Olympic Committees including Olympic, ASIAD all apply similar age rules. (Previously, Olympic football used to belong to the national team but later restricted the age because of World Cup).

With great pressure to win SEA Games gold medal, Park Hang-seo coach must consider a lot when U22, U23 Vietnam are currently encountering various weaknesses. In that situation, the home team Philippine and the parties agreed to change the law as a perfect 'endeavor' for Mr. Park.

The presence of Van Quyet (right) has helped a lot for the Vietnam Olympic Games at ASIAD 2018.

Back to the UEFA U23 Asia 2018, Vietnam national team emerged with excellent defense, but the attack was dependent largely on an individual: Quang Hai. Adding three more players to the same team, Vietnam performed in a different way, attacked and put pressure on their opponents at ASIAD 2018. Coach Park Hang Seo will also be greatly relieved if there are more 'reinforcements'.

One of the most obvious weaknesses of the U22 team in Vietnam is in the position of central defender and midfielder. If the goalkeeper Tien Dung, the full-back Van Hau, midfielder Dinh Trong and midfielder Quang Hai have gained confidence, other positions all need to be supplemented. However, perhaps Mr. Park will be pleased with the attack wall  with names such as Quang Hai, Thanh Binh, Duc Chinh and Tien Linh who have created impressions in the past.

Thus, the strikers and full-backs can partially guarantee the position, the central midfielder and midfielder are what Coach Park Hang-seo wants to improve most if using two older players. At that time, Duc Huy, Ngoc Hai, Van Thanh or Xuan Truong, Hung Dung ... will be the most possible options for Mr. Park to 'upgrade' the squad.

As observed, Coach Park’s biggest worry is midfielder. It is the strong and disciplined defense- strongest point of the teams under the guidance of the Korean strategist.

Recently, the midfielder Thanh Chung admitted that the high coordination between defensive players needs to be improved. The central midfield position in Coach Park's plan is not so prominent, however, currently U22 Vietnam is lacking of players who can compete and dispute well. So, two more players at the 30th SEA Games is a very meaningful 'gift' for coach Park and U22 player at the moment.

Coach Park Hang-seo once admitted that he felt a great pressure on SEA Games gold medal: "I have met the leaders and coaches of other clubs, I clearly see the value of SEA Games gold medal to Vietnamese fans. Officials also emphasized the importance of winning gold medals. They convinced me to lead the U22 team. They were very hungry for this and so did the fans. Therefore, I suggest that the parties can facilitate for me, if I have 5 weeks of preparation, I will try to win the gold medal. And all agreed so I decided to lead both teams. "