ASEAN fans shocked to witness the scrimmage of Thailand and Malaysia players

Date: 10/08/2019

Many ASEAN supporters criticized the bad behavior of Thai and Malaysian players in the final of AFF U15 Championship 2019.



The only impression of the match was not Malaysia’s championship, but the disappointment for the fight.

Notably, Thai player beat Malaysian then both side picked a fight. The match was very disappointing for many fans.   Hafiz Marzuki commented: “The worst part, is that Thai player who punched Malaysian one was not booked a red card. AFF should do it”.

Thailand fan Tik Tak said: “Thailand is the king of Boxing in ASEAN”.

Michael Davies Times agreed: “You know, Boxing is in their blood”

Malaysia fans also claims: “Who cares their boxing things? We are the champs”.

Meanwhile, a Myanmar supporter criticized Malaysia: “Malaysia is the worst team in ASEAN, both youth level and national level”.

Besides those criticicism, others warned: “Those violations will cause played suspended. Don’t play football with your feeling, it could destroy your career”.

U15 Thailand coach then spoke out: “I promised not to let this happen again. We will talk to them.

The match was good, we were hard-working and attempted to do that. U15 Thailand don’t set the short-term goal. The long-term one is to crown the AFC championship”.