Why dont HAGL players attend Cong Phuong’s engagement ceremony?

Author: Amelia
14:00 | 03/06/2020

According to some sources, HAGL players Tuan Anh, Van Toan… don’t attend the engagement ceremony of Cong Phuong.

Nguyen Cong Phuong surprises fans by holding engagement ceremony with his secret girlfriend To Ngoc Vien Minh. The 25-year-old player is the 7th player to get married in Vietnam NT.

According to his teammate, Xuan Truong, Tuan Anh, Van Toan, Van Thanh… cant join the engagement ceremony because of their preparation for V-League round 3.

One of Phuong’s teammate said, “Phuong invited us to the ceremony but HAGL players cant come because of busy schedule ahead of Hanoi FC match on June 6.”

The absence of close teammates who grew up together at Nui Pho is a pity for Cong Phuong. However, Tuan Anh and his teammates will surely be present at the big day of Cong Phuong.

After the engagement ceremony, Cong Phuong will return to Ho Chi Minh City Club to prepare for a trip to Lach Tray of Hai Phong FC on June 5. Meanwhile, HAGL also had to march to Hang Day to confront the defending champion Hanoi.

Cong Phuong's fiancée, To Ngoc Vien Minh, was born in 1995 and is currently working for her family's company, graduating from RMIT University with an honors degree in Business Administration.

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