VPF continues to postpone the 2020 V-League schedule

Author: Amelia
09:52 | 29/04/2020

V-League 2020 will take place later than expected because the VPF is currently awaiting permission from the competent authorities.

According to the V-League 2020 schedule, the tournament is expected to take place in the 3rd week of May, while the National Cup takes place on May 15. However, VPF company leaders are still waiting for the permission of the competent authorities.

VPF President Tran Anh Tu shared that the tournaments will return only with the permission of the authorities, while the teams and the organizers are ready.

Some teams in the V-League revealed that the National Cup is scheduled to start on 20/5, the 1/8 round will take place on 25/5. Meanwhile, the third round of V-League may take place on May 31.

V-League 2020 will return at the end of May. Photo: VPF
V-League 2020 will return at the end of May. Photo: VPF

Since April 27, the teams in the V-League have reunited, while the team that has its own facilities, HAGL, maintains regular training. Coach Lee Tae-hoon is focusing on HAGL to balance the play. This is what the South Korean leader wants to change his team. He wants HAGL to not only attack or defend but also be effective.

Ho Chi Minh City Club chose Vung Tau as a training place, Hanoi FC returned to practice on Hang Day Stadium. SLNA Club was also full of excitement in the first training sessions when the pillars, including Pham Xuan Manh recovered completely.

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