Van Toan regrets throwing away the captain armband of HAGL

Author: Chris Lee
10:30 | 26/06/2020

Van Toan apologized to fans and his teammates at HAGL for this daft behavior.

HAGL had a trip to SHB Da Nang in V-League 2020 round 6. Despite leading early by Van Toan goal, the loose in defense made HAGL concede 3 goals in the remaining minutes and accept defeat in this confrontation.

At the end of the match, Van Toan was frustrated with the performance of himself and his teammates, striker Nguyen Van Toan did not keep calm and threw the captain's armband to the ground. This action of Van Toan has received many reactions from fans.

Van Toan was upset after losing SHB Da Nang. (Screenshots)
Van Toan was upset after losing SHB Da Nang. (Screenshots)

Therefore, recently, HAGL striker has officially apologized for his actions. On his personal page, Van Toan wrote:

“I feel sorry for yesterday's action. I was at fault with everyon watching on TV, HAGL fans and my teammates. Thanks for all the encouragement of everyone. And I will try harder ”.

This outbreak of Van Toan may also come from the recent negative results of HAGL. After an impressive start in the first 2 rounds, the mountain team is showing signs of slowing down when only winning 4 points in the next 4 rounds. Especially their away form is very bad when they lost 2 and drew 1.

Currently, after 6 games, HAGL is getting 8 points, ranked 10th and 5 points behind Ho Chi Minh City. If they does not improve soon, it will be difficult for HAGL to achieve the goal of reaching the top 5 at the end of the 2020 V-League season.

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