Van Hau’s contract to expire, Heerenveen recruits a new defender

Author: Wang Min
18:00 | 25/06/2020

In the context that Van Hau's contract is only a few days left to expire, SC Heerenveen has successfully recruited defender Jeffrey Theunisse.

Jeffrey Theunisse, talented 17-year-old player is a central defender. This is also the position coach Johnny Jansen has repeatedly tested Doan Van Hau in the last season. Debuting the new club, Jeffrey Theunisse said: "I am very happy to be transferred to the new club and I see this is a step up. I think I can develop myself well at Heerenveen".

Meanwhile, Doan Van Hau's contract with Heerenveen is only valid until June 30, 2020. According to the latest information, the two teams have not yet negotiated about the future of Vietnamese players. A Hanoi leader said that the two sides still only kept in touch via email and had no favorable results.

Doan Van Hau and his teammates practice the last session of the season
Doan Van Hau and his teammates practice the last session of the season

On June 23, Doan Van Hau attended the final training session of SC Heerenveen in the 2019-20 season. After this training, the whole team will take a break of nearly 1 month, before the troops re-enter in mid-July to prepare for the new season.

SC Heerenveen broke up with Jordy Bruijn, Alen Halilovic, Warner Hahn, Daniel Hoegh and Filip Bednarek after the training on June 23. Halilovic returned to AC Milan after finishing his loan deal. Hahn and Hoegh had no new career destinations, and Bednarek left on a free transfer.

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