Van Hau makes a special impression in the Netherlands

Author: Preeda Apsara
16:30 | 07/05/2020

Recently Van Hau has "showed off" the training image with extremely impressive muscle .

While practicing at home, Van Hau still maintains a regular workout routine combined with the scientific diet that nutrition experts Heerenveen devised.

Through the photos, clips of Van Hau and the representative sharing on the personal page, Vietnamese star’s body is full of energy. Van Hau, 1.82 meter high and 82kg weight, gradually approaches the ideal body of a football player.

Through the comparison photos posted by Van Hau's representative, it can be seen that his muscle mass has grown significantly compared to the time a year ago. The upper body was bigger, which helped Van Hau improve the ability of hand-to-hand disputes with European players.

The distance running and speed is better than the time of signing the contract, while the weight also increases but it is the development of muscle.

Sharing with the media, Technical Director Gerry Hamstra expressed his sympathy for Van Hau when he was a very special case. He signed a contract with the club in the last days of the transfer period, when the club completed the preparation phase of the season and played the first matches. When it was time to accelerate, the tournament was postponed due to Covid-19.

It is expected that this week or early next week, the Heerenveen Club will give the final answer on the future of Van Hau.


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