Tieu Exal: 'Cong Phuong is much better than he is on TV'

Author: Paithoon Bundarik
09:02 | 04/07/2020

Tieu Exal deeply admires the man at the Ho Chi Minh City Club, Cong Phuong's talent has not shown itself when watching on television and in matches.

One of the players who received a lot of attention during the short-term focus of U22 Vietnam this time is Tieu Exal, 20, who owns a height of 1.82meters, and was trained in the Lyon Football Academy in Ho Chi Minh City.

The 20-year-old was summoned by coach Chung Hae Seong from the U21 team in Ho Chi Minh City to the first team at the beginning of the season to attend the V-League 2020. During his time as Cong Phuong's teammate, Tieu Exal was impressed with the ability of Cong Phuong.

“Cong Phuong is very good at English. In addition to Mr. Yang Jae-mo (language assistant), Mr. Phuong also helps the coach communicate to everyone. Professionally, just watching TV or watching in the yard will not be able to fully feel his talents. I was practicing with Cong Phuong, until I practiced resistance or defense, I knew that Phuong was strong, fast and kept the ball well.

Tieu Exal greatly admires Cong Phuong's talent
Tieu Exal greatly admires Cong Phuong's talent

It's good to see on TV, it's better to watch outside, but you know how great he is. Sometimes we are rivals on the field, I have to work hard to keep up with his pace. No player is perfect, but Cong Phuong can be. Phuong often tells me that I must always be confident and strive. Listen comments and advice, care who help me.”

In the internal training match of U22 Vietnam on July 2, Tieu Exal played as a defensive midfielder. He contributed in a ball that led to the team's goal. However, Exal could not play fully due to an ankle and thigh injury.

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