The U22 Vietnam vice captain unable to impress Mr. Park

Author: Amelia
16:00 | 27/08/2020

U22 Vietnam deputy captain Truong Tien Anh missed the chance to persuade Mr. Park in a friendly match with Viettel because of an injury.

Vietnam team and Park Hang Seo will have to say goodbye soon with 2 players, Truong Tien Anh (Viettel) and Nguyen Tran Viet Cuong (Binh Duong).

Tien Anh suffered from muscle pain in his right thigh, Viet Cuong had pain in his right thigh biceps. Thus, these two players will not be able to join the U22 Vietnam team to participate in a friendly match with Viettel club on August 27.

Tien Anh could not attend a friendly match with Viettel.
Tien Anh could not attend a friendly match with Viettel.

Truong Tien Anh, the Viettel's young talent is ambidextrous as one and possesses an extremely rich physical foundation. At this gathering, Tien Anh was also reminded by Mr. Park to be the deputy captain of U22 Vietnam.

The mature striker from the HAGL Le Minh Binh also had to say goodbye soon, when he was injured. Thus, U22 Vietnam has only 44 players left.

Because U22 Vietnam is about to end this gathering, so in order to ensure favorable conditions for the players' recovery, VFF has discussed with the leaders of the host club, proposing a plan to keep re-injury cases so that the team doctors will continue to monitor and support treatment. While the entire team will disband on August 28, the three names mentioned above will return to the club later than planned.

The reason for the players' injury is the excessive ball situations. This made Mr. Park angry and spoke harshly. "If in fact, you guys cause problems in the penalty area, the risk of being sent off is very high and the team will be seriously affected. International play, football errors, people are penalized. very heavy".

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