The draw for the AFF Cup 2020 group stage officially delayed

Author: Amelia
14:00 | 10/06/2020

According to AFF, the draw for the AFF Cup group stage in Thailand in June 2020 has been postponed.

AFF has not yet announced the time for the draw. They want to wait for some countries in Southeast Asia to completely control the impact of the disease. Basically the situation of all countries is in good control.

The draw for the group stage of the AFF Cup 2020 is likely to take place in August or later. Nonetheless, AFF asserts that the No. 1 football tournament in Southeast Asia will still take place as originally planned, from November 23 to December 31, right after the 2022 World Cup qualifying in Asia.

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Earlier, Vietnam was rumored to become the host country of the AFF Cup 2020, about this, a VFF leader voiced confirmation: "So far we have not received any notice of AFF about changing the AFF Cup 2020 tournament format, including choosing the host country.However, if AFF changes the way it is organized, Vietnam has a chance with excellent Covid-19 disease prevention cooperation.”

At the AFF Cup 2018, the Southeast Asia Football Federation (AFF) applies the new format for the first time. Accordingly, the teams in the same group will draw to determine 2 matches played at home, 2 matches must be played away. The semi-finals and finals continue to apply the format of a home away match.

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