Thai newspaper: 'Hanoi FC is having difficulties'

Author: Amelia
10:00 | 17/07/2020

Siam Sport of Thailand has commented on the current difficult situation of the Hanoi club, the team was dubbed 'small Vietnam NT'.

With only 3 more rounds, the 1st phase of V-League 2020 will officially close. Every match against Hanoi FC at this time is considered as a final. Chu Dinh Nghiem’s side needs to win to reach the top 8 of the strongest team, thereby winning the championship opportunity when the tournament enters phase 2.

Watching Hanoi FC play since the return of Vietnamese football, the Siam Sport newspaper wrote: “Hanoi FC with 5 times to win the championship had to face heavyweight opponents right from the first day.

This season is going on very attractive when Hanoi FC, the five-time V-League champion and the defending champion of the two most recent seasons in 2018, 2019, is a powerful team with many national players including Van Quyet, Quang Hai, Dinh Trong and Duy Manh who are in difficult situations.

Thai newspaper writes about Hanoi FC
Thai newspaper writes about Hanoi FC

The reason for a rich and potential team with many excellent players fall into this situation is that up to 10 players are injured. The foreign soldiers of Hanoi FC are also often absent in the last matches. ”

In the 10 round of V-League 2020, Hanoi FC will welcome Hai Phong on Hang Day yard. Hanoi FC will face more difficulties when Nguyen Thanh Chung is suspended for receiving 3 yellow cards. After Duy Manh and Dinh Trong had to leave the game for a long time, Thanh Chung was a trusted player assigned to command the defense of Hanoi FC.

Thus, coach Chu Dinh Nghiem must change the squad. He only had the choice with Bui Hoang Viet Anh or Dinh Tien Thanh.

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