Park Hang-seo promises to make a huge change in Vietnam NT

Author: Amelia
11:00 | 19/08/2020

In the press conference before focusing on Vietnam U22, Park Hang-seo revealed the changes in the gameplay of Vietnam NT.

This is a remarkable issue when at the beginning of the year, both Park and VFF affirmed that they would endeavor to change Vietnam to avoid being caught by the opponent.

In recent tournaments, the unexpected results against Thailand or in the AFC U23 finals showed that the Vietnam was at a standstill when the opponent has grasped the gameplay that Mr. Park used in 2 years.

"Earlier, we used to kick 3 midfielders, sometimes kick 4 defenders. The opponents caught and saw that clearly. So I wanted to build a new strategy, but it took a lot of time. The formation keeps 3 midfielders, but the attack pattern changes, the abundant midfield will be used to get resources to attack, while the striker will not change.

The second is the way of playing, we will increase the time to control the ball, move the formation 10 meters straight so that we attack the opponent's goal faster. But I have to prepare, I believe this change is justified, we don't turn upside down but cause chaos to the opponent. If I get permission in the near future, I will focus on the national team ".

Park Hang-seo will change so that Vietnam will avoid being caught
Park Hang-seo will change so that Vietnam will avoid being caught

With a clear intention of wanting the team to play more adventurous and attacking more, Park will improve the players' abilities.

"I want to improve the players' fitness. In the world, the average player runs 10km, Vietnam only one or two players can do it, and the average is only about 9km, so how can I increase 1- 2km more.

The average high-speed run in the world is 500m, but our players are only 300m, which limits the ability to penetrate the enemy's space. I want to try to give them 200 meters more.”

Finally there is a mental issue. Park points to a decline in psychology as the players have won multiple titles. He will improve by bringing in new players to increase competitiveness in the squad.

Park Hang-seo recently announced a list of 36 players with many new faces. However, the AFC's rescheduling of the World Cup qualifiers caused him to cancel the callup.

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