Ho Chi Minh City liquidated one of the most expensive foreigner in Southeast Asia

Author: Sirathom Chatchai
13:30 | 17/06/2020

Ho Chi Minh City club has decided to liquidate foreign soldier Alexandre de Lima after his unimpressive performance recently.

Alexandre de Lima was brought back by Ho Chi Minh City as a temporary solution after missing Lee Nguyen. This player has 8 years playing in MLS and is valued at USD 700 thousand by Transfermakt, ranked in the top 10 in Southeast Asia.

Lima was born with the technical qualities, especially the skillful left leg. However, due to the late arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, Lima did not have much time to integrate.

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Recently, Lima officially played in two consecutive matches of Ho Chi Minh City in the confrontation with Hai Phong and Saigon.

Unfortunately, he did not leave many imprints although his skills are really delicate. Right before the match with Viettel, the HCM City leader decided to terminate the contract with Lima. The Sai Gon team judged Lima to integrate slowly and Coach Chung Hae-seong was not impressed with the quality of this player.

This season, Ho Chi Minh City has liquidated three foreign players, Viktor Prodell, Matias Jude and Alexandre de Lima. It can be seen that the transfer policy of Ho Chi Minh City has many problems this season. Spending a lot of money but their contracts are not effective.

While the local players such as Cong Phuong, Huy Toan and Duc Luong have not left many imprints in the gameplay. Ho Chi Minh stay winless in the previous two matches. The gameplay of Ho Chi Minh City is also lacking smoothly, this is the reason why fans are feeling frustrated about the team that is considered the candidate for the championship against Hanoi this season.

Ho Chi Minh City will host Viettel on the home ground today at 7:00PM

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