HAGL president found reason not to follow SLNA’s failure

Author: Amelia
17:30 | 25/05/2020

Doan Nguyen Duc pointed out the reason SLNA had only 1 championship in V-League despite their talents from their training academy.

Nghe An is a poor province compared to other provinces. SLNA isn’t financially strong but they always train talented players for Vietnam NT.

Phan Van Duc, Que Ngoc Hai, Trong Hoang or Nguyen Manh … are playing an important rold in Vietnam NT. Earlier, Van Quyen, Cong Vinh once thrill fans.

With such a huge number of excellent players, SLNA only ươn 1 V-League championship, which HAGL president afirmed that it was because of players’ behavior. HAGL won 11 matches consecutively but won three away.

HAGL JMG is having players with both virtue and talent
HAGL JMG is having players with both virtue and talent

The mature players from HAGL's training furnace such as Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong, Cong Phuong, Van Thanh, Van Toan ... all converge on the criteria set by Duc. If the HAGL training academy continues to produce such talents, surely the day of success will come.

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