HAGL announces Cong Phuong’s future with Ho Chi Minh City

Author: Amelia
16:00 | 17/07/2020

Although V-League 2020 has not finished the first phase, HGAL president Duc has soon closed the future of Cong Phuong after this year's season ends.

Cong Phuong is one of the best strikers in the V-League 2020. Back to Ho Chi Minh City after unsuccessful in Belgium, the Nghe An-born striker quickly regained his form and showed his class. Continuing to score the victory for Ho Chi Minh City, Cong Phuong smashed all doubts about his level.

Witnessing the great performance of Cong Phuong, many fans wish to soon bring him back to HAGL to rescue the poor attack of the team. Recently, the president of the mountain town football team spoke about the future of the Nghe An-born striker:

"Cong Phuong will come back to HAGL after V-League 2020. This is something I firmly assure you. Cong Phuong from Belgium returns to HCMC club because HCMC FC needs him too much.

Cong Phuong is carrying the attack of Ho Chi Minh City
Cong Phuong is carrying the attack of Ho Chi Minh City

Who can play a few months? We must facilitate players to play the whole season? When people need me during the hard time, I cant not challenge them more".

Currently, Cong Phuong has made 4 goals for Ho Chi Minh City in V-League 2020. He is the internal striker scoring the most goals at the present time and is closely following other foreign soldiers for the title of top scorer.

In the round of 10 V-League 2020, Cong Phuong and his teammates will travel to Hong Linh Ha Tinh. This is expected to be an easy trip for Chung Hae-seong-side.

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