Cong Phuong sent a letter and 100 USD sent to a U23 Vietnam doctor

Author: Amelia
15:00 | 04/08/2020

The secret letter and 100 USD that Cong Phuong secretly put into the bag made U23 Vietnam’s doctor Nguyen Trong Thuy very touched after AFC U23 Championship 2016.

AFC U23 Championship 2016 in Qatar was the first time the youth of Vietnam has won tickets to attend the continental tournament. Being in the same group with Asian giants including U23 UAE, U23 Australia and U23 Jordan made the army of coach Toshiya Miura at that time unable to surprise.

Losing in all 3 matches in the group stage, U23 Vietnam was eliminated without winning any points. For striker Nguyen Cong Phuong, the No. 1 hope of U23 Vietnam at that time, the AFC U23 Championship 2016 was an unforgettable memory.

Cong Phuong has an unforgettable tournament in Qatar
Cong Phuong has an unforgettable tournament in Qatar

In the 2-3 defeat against U23 UAE, striker Cong Phuong suffered a serious shoulder injury. Because of this, "Vietnamese Messi" had to stay in Qatar to treat injuries while other teammates returned to Vietnam.

At that time, there was doctor Nguyen Trong Thuy of U23 Vietnam’s doctor team staying with Cong Phuong. Doctor Thuy recalls an unforgettable memory with the Nghe An-born striker in Qatar:

"That day, Cong Phuong got into a shoulder injury. He had a fight in the air and felt freely. His left shoulder hit the ground causing him to have a broken collarbone and a shoulder dislocation. It was very surprising because Cong Phuong was a very good technical player.

After the injury, Cong Phuong had to stay in Qatar for surgery while his teammates were all gone. Me and Doctor Tuan were staying with Cong Phuong. Because the doctors there treated heartily, the operation was also successful, we mainly talked, confided and advised to Cong Phuong not too confused or bored. We took care of each other like siblings. "

Cong Phuong sent an emotional letter to Dr. Nguyen Trong Thuy
Cong Phuong sent an emotional letter to Dr. Nguyen Trong Thuy

Responding to this sincere heart, when returning to Cong Phuong, he secretly put in Dr. Nguyen Trong Thuy's bag a letter that until now, this doctor is still very touched:

"When I returned home, I told Cong Phuong to take care of the wound and guide him to recover. I also told him that he could call me anytime. After that, I came back to my family and did not touch the laptop bag. Then I had an unexpected job and opened my bag.

At that time, I saw a letter of thanks from Cong Phuong for taking care of him. When I read the letter, I was touched and speechless. Just unexpectedly touching.

Frankly, I did not know that Phuong had such feelings during our days in Qatar. Phuong also sent a $ 100 note to give lucky money to my children for Tet. That year, I felt that Tet was a lot happier. "

After the tournament in Qatar, Doctor Thuy said that he still keeps in touch, watching Cong Phuong as well as the players he used to care for. He is also available to advise them when needed.

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