Cong Phuong injured, unknown returning day

Author: Amelia
17:01 | 17/08/2020

During the training session on August 17, Cong Phuong continued to be absent due to injury.

After more than 2 weeks of rest, Ho Chi Minh City players return to the field to practice and wait for the V-League to return. The good news is that coach Chung Hae-seong returns to the position of head coach when the team previously liquidated his contract.

One of Mr. Chung's most beloved players, Cong Phuong, did not come out on the morning of August 17. Due to concerns about the weather, the training session was pushed to the morning.

According to the head of the delegation Nguyen Cao Tri, Cong Phuong was injured: "Cong Phuong asked to quit training because of his heel injury. He had to go to the examination in the afternoon".

Since the coach’s return, Cong Phuong has not had any training session. He mostly sits out working with assistants and fitness doctors. This training session of Ho Chi Minh City took place at Thong Nhat Stadium.

The practice took place without Cong Phuong
The practice took place without Cong Phuong

The content of the training session is mainly ball sensory exercises and moderate intensity lesson plans. Mr. Chung Hae Seong's main aim is to improve the team's atmosphere for the better.

2 Costa Rican players Ariel Rodriguez and Jose Ortiz are adapting quite well when having 3 training sessions off the pitch. Although they are quality contracts, these are not the choice of Coach Chung. It will take time for these two Central American players to blend in with the team's playstyle.

The fact that Mr. Chung left and then returned to the coach seat made Vietnamese football reel. As if to consolidate his position, coach Chung Hae-seong asked to replace the head of the delegation, at the same time re-elected the team staff. The captaincy was handed over to Sam Ngoc Duc from the hands of Do Van Thuan.

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