Coach Park relieves thanks to Tien Linh and Cong Phuong

Author: Bill Lintons
15:30 | 19/06/2020

In the worry about the attack, the performance of Tien Linh and Cong Phuong somewhat helped Coach Park to ease his anxiety.

Last time coach Park Hang-seo repeatedly complained about the attack of Vietnam. He constantly asked VFF to instruct the teams to use local strikers to diversify the selection when the team was in short of center strikers.

In Mr. Park's eyes, Tien Linh and Duc Chinh are the two most prominent cases, especially Cong Phuong. However, these players have their own limitations that make Mr. Park not really satisfied.

The last 5 V-League helped him to be less worried. Tien Linh showed that the goal in the previous round is not a temporary shine. He fired again just in time when the home team needed him the most.

A strike with Trong Huy and then stroking the ball to the far corner of the opponent's goal, Tien Linh reminded people of the goal against the UAE in the World Cup 2022 qualifiers. The skill of this player was too impressive. Remember that Tien Linh is still having health problems.

tien linh becamex binh duong

Tien Linh is the classic type of striker that Park likes, but in games that need high speed and agility, he is not the most suitable plan for the Korean military. So players like Cong Phuong, who can hold the ball, stir the opponent's defense will be used first.

But the last time the Nghe man was disappointed when he did not show those qualities in Ho Chi Minh City shirt. In this round of V-League, NHM believes that Chung will push Cong Phuong to the bench when the team has 10 Phi Son as the center of the team. Mr. Chung suddenly made the opposite decision.

Regardless of the teacher's trust, Cong Phuong played a great game in the leading role. He kicked right after the striker Amido Balde, becoming a connection point with the surrounding teammates. This player himself opened fire and created for Huy Toan to score.

Following Cong Phuong for a long time, it can be seen that he has changed quite a lot in the gameplay. No longer cumbersome and unreliable as before, Cong Phuong is now more teammate and more observant. The ability to move without the ball also improves significantly.

If he keeps the high performance, Mr. Park will not have to worry about Cong Phuong anymore.

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