BREAKING: Park Hang-seo revealed a list of 10 rookies of Vietnam

Author: Amelia
11:00 | 06/06/2020

After attending a number of matches in the National Cup and the third round of V-League, Park Hang-seo has revealed the list of rookies he will summon to the team in the upcoming rally.

During this time, Park Hang-seo is actively attending the remarkable matches in both the National Cup and V-League. Yesterday, the Korean strategist attended the match between Hai Phong and the HCMC club in the third round of V-League 2020.

He watched and kept taking notes, especially Park revealed a list of the players he followed to supplement the Vietnamese team. Mr. Park seems to have had favorite names to fill the list of additional players to the Vietnamese team after attending the matches in the National Cup and the recent V-League 2020.

Mr. Park's note is leaked
Mr. Park's note is leaked

Specifically, the list includes new names such as Ngan Van Dai, Dinh Tien Thanh, Bui Hoang Viet Anh (Hanoi FC), Sam Ngoc Duc, Van Thuan, Hoang Thinh. , Huu Tuan (HCMC Club), Duong Thanh Hao, Mac Hong Quan (Than Quang Ninh), Tran Dinh Hoang (SHB Da Nang).

That is most of the impressive names in the recent competition days at the club. The list that Park Hang-seo lists is not too difficult to understand because the goal that this strategist set out is to recruit Vietnam for the upcoming journey.

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