A call for 'teamwork' in these difficult days

21:05 | 28/03/2020

SHOULD footballers and team officials take a pay cut?

SHOULD footballers and team officials take a pay cut?

That is the issue facing the Malaysian football industry after the M-League shut down indefinitely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kelantan’s proposal to slash their players’ salaries has raised concerns among many teams, and it led to FAM and the Malaysian Football League (MFL) issuing a joint statement on Thursday.

FAM secretary general Stuart Ramalingam said all those involved in the M-League must stand together in overcoming these difficult times.

“We’ve talked to PFAM (Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia) and we hope that they understand the situation.

“We all should have further discussions to reach a win-win position,” he said.

“FAM always have the importance of players in mind. We prioritise their welfare and have acted against irresponsible teams previously.”

After the government’s extension of the MCO to April 14 from March 31, a few clubs are expected to be hit hard financially due to no revenue from gate collections.

“It would be disruptive for all parties involved if one stakeholder doesn’t collaborate with everyone else. We’re not pointing fingers but all of us, at this juncture, need to come to a solution. This can’t be solved by just one party.”

If the players don’t compromise and block any attempt at paycut, some of the teams will face financial collapse and cease operations.

The players should empathise with the teams and consider accepting pay deferrals. Or else, they will lose their jobs.




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