Coach Heerenveen blamed his students after losing to Vitesse

Author: Amelia
11:00 | 18/02/2020

Coach Johnny Jansen was dissatisfied with the playing spirit of SC Heerenveen players in a 2-4 loss against Vitesse in the Dutch league.

On February 16, SC Heerenveen made a trip to Vitesse in the 23rd round of the Dutch league. In this match, coach Johnny Jansen continues to maintain the same squad as the match against Feyenoord in the Dutch Cup.

Therefore, despite trying very hard, SC Heerenveen's players could not resist the rushing attack of the home owner Vitesse, and had to receive a 2-4 thrashing.

SC Heerenveen players were disappointed after losing to Vitesse

After the game, coach Johnny Jansen was unhappy with the spirit of the players. He said that the players made too many mistakes in the match against Vitesse. Heerenveen coach shared:

"We have let our opponents score so easily. The players have not done their job well, or made mistakes in the goals. I am feeling very worried because of this.

I think we were able to fight forcefully. When the score was 4-2 in favor of Vitesse, I hoped the whole team would do our best to get at least one point, but we didn't. It is not because the players don't want to fight, but I think the remaining 20 minutes is too little to turn the tide.

Coach Johnny Jansen is facing tremendous pressure from Heerenveen fans

Currently, coach Johnny Jansen is facing a lot of pressure from SC Heerenveen fans. They criticized him for being too conservative in arranging the squad and did not trust young players, including Doan Van Hau. Many fans even demanded to sack the Dutch strategist after the recent series of poor results.

This is the 5th consecutive loss in the Dutch league. This achievement has made them fall to 10th place on the table and away from the group of competing teams to attend the European Cup next season.

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