Yangon Utd coach: 'We want to win HCMC but it was impossible'

Author: Amelia
19:00 | 12/02/2020

Some sources say that the Iraqi Football Federation has requested to postpone the friendly match between Vietnam and Iraq on March 26.

In the opening match of the group stage of AFC Cup 2020, Ho Chi Minh City travelled to Yangon United. Ho Chi Minh City opened the scoring, but allowed the home team to score 2 goals in a row. After that, Nguyen Cong Phuong shone to equalize 2-2 and bring 1 point to the HCMC club.

Speaking in the press conference, coach U Tin Maung Tun affirmed that Yangon United was determined to win Ho Chi Minh City club at home. However, this strategist was still satisfied with the players’ performance, as well as the first point.

Coach U Tin Maung Tun shared: "We wanted to win at home. But we were unable to beat the HCMC club and had to accept a draw. The fans all knew we had played hard on the pitch. However, I am satisfied with the result. "

Similar to Yangon Utd coach, Chung Hae-seong was also satisfied with the result of the match: "The first match at the AFC Cup, we are satisfied with 1 point in this match and will try to be better prepared in the upcoming matches."

The goal of Nguyen Cong Phuong not only helped the Ho Chi Minh City club equalize 2-2, but also helped the striker relieved after 387 days no goal scored.

In the second match of the AFC Cup 2020 group stage on February 25, Yangon United will host Toyota Laos. Meanwhile, Cong Phuong and Ho Chi Minh City Club travels to Hougang United.

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