Van Hau, Cong Phuong’s value increase on the transfer market 

Author: Amelia
10:21 | 22/08/2020

According to the latest update of Transfermarkt, a series of Vietnamese players have increased their value on the market.

Specifically, Doan Van Hau increased from £ 135,000 to £ 180,000. In addition, Van Toan reached £ 270,000 when it was previously £ 135,000; Quang Hai also reached 270,000 pounds from his previous value £225,000. Van Toan, Quang Hai and Que Ngoc Hai, Tien Linh are the most valuable players in Vietnam.

Transfer value of Vietnamese players according to Transfermarkt
Transfer value of Vietnamese players according to Transfermarkt

Meanwhile, striker Nguyen Cong Phuong also increased from £ 180,000 at the beginning of July, the value of Nghe striker increased to £ 225,000. The only player in Vietnam whose price slipped by transfermarkt's valuation was Ha Minh Tuan when he dropped to £ 135,000.

With a series of players increasing in price, the value of Vietnam has reached 4.07 million pounds and is ranked 4th in Southeast Asia. Leading is Thailand with £ 8.53 million. Following are Indonesia with 4.86 million pounds and the Philippines with 4.28 million pounds.

With Vietnam no longer having any matches in 2020 because the World Cup qualifiers 2022 in Asia and the AFF Cup 2020 are all moved to 2021, it is likely that the value of the players will not have many changes until the end of this year.​

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