Two U23 Vietnamese injured after the draw to U23 Jordan

Author: Amelia
11:00 | 15/01/2020

Defender Do Thanh Thinh and Ho Tan Tai were injured in the draw to Jordan.

U23 Vietnam tied to Jordan on Monday. With the goal to win three point, Park’s army played with the highest determination yet facing disciplined and strict Jordan made Vietnam unable to score.

A point in this match makes U23 Vietnam no longer self-determinae in the final round against U23 Korea. Not only that, coach Park Hang-seo must also receive unhappy news when defenders Do Thanh Thinh and Ho Tan Tai who suffered injuries in the previous match.

Thanh Thinh left the field early due to injury in the U23 Jordan match

Do Thanh Thinh was suspected of having a recurrent muscle injury before he participated in tournament. In the match against U23 Jordan, the defender of SHB Da Nang started in the match against Jordan. However, after only 36 minutes, Thanh Thinh had to leave the pitch due to injury and make room for Dinh Trong.

It was Park who confirmed the injury: “Maybe Thanh Thinh is injured. I will have to wait for the doctors' test results to know his condition.”

Meanwhile, Ho Tan Tai was hit muscle near the ankle after a collision with defender U23 Jordan at the end of the first half. Tan Tai's calves were swollen after this collision, making his handling skill not smooth after a few minutes. Fortunately, Tan Tai's injury is only minor and it is likely that he will be able to return in the final match.

Tan Tai suffered injuries but will return in the last match

In the last match, U23 Vietnam will face the team standing at the bottom of the table - U23 North Korea. The match between U23 Vietnam vs U23 Jordan will take place at 8:15PM on January 16 at Rajamangala Stadium, Thailand.

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