The Indonesian Football Federation admitted to the difficulty with coach Shin Tae Yong

Author: Amelia
14:00 | 30/06/2020

The president of the Indonesian Football Federation (PSSI) confirmed that the conflict with coach Shin Tae Yong stemmed from the language barrier and everything was resolved.

The Indonesian Football Confederation and coach Shin Tae Yong have a relatively fierce conflict regarding the upcoming goals in World Cup and AFF Cup.

The Korean strategist said that the ambition to win the AFF Cup 2020, as well as reaching the quarter-finals of the U20 World Cup at home in the Indonesian Football Federation, are impossible. Besides, the two sides could not agree on a centralized plan for Indonesia U19 to prepare for the upcoming U19 Asian Championship 2020.

The Indonesian Football Federation talks online with coach Shin Tae Yong
The Indonesian Football Federation talks online with coach Shin Tae Yong

However, everything seems to have been resolved after an online meeting between the Indonesian Football Federation and coach Shin Tae Yong. PSSI Chairman Iwan Bule acknowledged that the contradictions over the past stemmed from language differences between the two sides:

"I had an online meeting with coach Shin Tae-yong and an interpreter. After the meeting was over, we were aware of our inability to work directly with each other, along with the language barrier that caused Conflict occurs. Communication has made every transfer worse.

We agree to forget everything that happened. Coach Shin wants to continue developing Indonesian football, especially the national team. "

In addition, PSSI also said that coach Shin Tae Yong will soon return to Indonesia and directly manage the focus of the team of thousands of islands in July.

Indonesia will focus in July
Indonesia will focus in July

"In the next 1-2 days, coach Shin will build a new plan, including a list of players who are participating in the training camp. PSSI accepts this and will consider the effectiveness of the roadmap. We hope Hopefully he will return to Indonesia in early July. "

Currently, Indonesia is at the bottom of Group G in the 2022 World Cup qualifying round in Asia when they have not earned any points after 5 matches. With sure to be eliminated, coach Shin Tae Yong will treat this arena as a rehearsal for the AFF Cup 2020 at the end of the year. That is the biggest goal of Indonesian football in 2020.

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