Suphanat can play in the Premier League: Benjamin Davis

Author: Amelia
16:30 | 03/02/2020

In a recent interview with the press, midfielder Benjamin Davis said that his teammate Suphanat Mueanta could completely play in the Premier League in the near future.

At the AFC U23 Championship 2020, Benjamin Davis was allowed by the Fulham management team to return to Thailand to attend the tournament.

He played alongside teammate Suphanat Mueanta, the player who is considered the most developed young prodigy of Thai football in the past two years.

Benjamin Davis expressed admiration for the talent of Suphanat, and believed that the 18-year-old striker could play in the Premier League.

“Suphanat has the potential and is good enough to play in the Premier League, he has great speed, but he still needs to improve on his weaknesses which are the final decisions.

Everything depends on him, I personally believe that Suphanat always aspires to improve himself, ”Benjamin Davis said.

Suphanat Mueanta has just had the AFC U23 tournament relatively successful.

Suphanat is the mainstay of Changsuek, besides scoring two goals, this young striker contributes a lot to Nishino’s strategy.

In addition to Suphanat, Benjamin Davis also pointed out that many other names in Thailand's U23 squad may have the opportunity to play in the Premier League in the future.

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“It's hard to say the most accurate, but in my opinion, besides Suphanat, Supachok, Supachai or Worachit are all very good.

In Europe, the most difficult thing is to adapt to life and communication, Thai players will have to adjust themselves more, try to understand their teammates and be aware of what they should do in every situation, ” added Benjamin.

Benjamin Davis is playing for the Fulham youth team in England.

The performance of Benjamin Davis is still appreciated by fans and experts although he only helped Thailand to the quarter finals in U23 tournament.

Along with Suphanat, Benjamin is expected to be a stable pillar leading the team to play even better in the next young tournaments.

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