PSSI President: 'Shin Tae-yong is much better than Park Hang-seo'

Author: Sirathom Chatchai
12:30 | 29/06/2020

Recently the chairman of the Indonesian Football Federation (PSSI) posted a conversation with coach Shin Tae-yong and made comparisons with Park Hang-seo of Vietnam

The recent conflict between coach Shin Tae Yong and PSSI has been continuously exploited by Indonesian media. This made PSSI Chairman Mochammad Iriawan personally "take action".

He shared his talk with Shin Tae-yong to persuade the Korean coach to return to work soon. It was quite unexpected when Mr. Iriawan mentioned Park Hang-seo in his comment.

"I know Shin Tae-yong is a very professional coach and has a great personality. In terms of ability, he is much better than his compatriot who is working for the Vietnam national team (Park Hang-seo). So we are very hope he will come back from Korea soon ".

PSSI President Iriawan and coach Shin Tae Yong
PSSI President Iriawan and coach Shin Tae Yong

The conversation between Mr. Iriawan and Shin Tae-yong on June 26 was mainly about solving the problem between the two sides, discuss the personnel issues and the upcoming direction of the Indonesian national teams. Mr. Iriawan wants Mr. Shin to return to work from July.

And according to the announcement from PSSI a few hours ago, Shin Tae-yong highly appreciated the communication efforts of President Iriawan and said that he would soon return to participate in development projects of Indonesian football.

At the World Cup 2022, Indonesia lost all 5 matches and was definitely eliminated, including the 1-3 loss to Vietnam in Bali. However, the national team is still determined to win the highest results in the remaining 3 matches. Therefore, the match between Park Hang-seo and Shin Tae-yong on My Dinh Stadium will surely attract much attention, especially after the recent statements of the PSSI president.

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