Midfielder U22 VN: 'We have not yet met the requirements of Park Hang-seo'

Author: Amelia
16:00 | 25/08/2020

Dang Van Lam shared that he and his teammates did not ensure fitness at the request of Park Hang-seo, but things were gradually improving.

In the afternoon training session on August 24, Park Hang-seo continued to hold an internal competition for the U22 Vietnam team.

He divided the number of 47 players into 4 teams, playing 2 matches, each match with 2 rounds lasting 35 minutes. The Korean strategist gave some noteworthy tests such as letting Nham Manh Dung and Tieu Exal play the center-back, Bui Hoang Viet Anh playing in the striker position.

Dang Van Lam played in the first match and had an impressive performance. The SLNA midfielder set up a super goal on the free kick to open the score. Van Lam also launched a number of favorable passes that could completely help his teammates convert into goals.

In the morning training session on August 25, Dang Van Lam shared: “At first, not only me but the other players still did not have good fitness. By the 2nd practice match, things improved a lot. After more than a week of training with coach Park Hang-seo, what I can do is to be more confident and bold to play football. What may not be done is perhaps the state has not reached the maximum threshold.”

Dang Van Lam once created a super product to help SLNA beat Hanoi FC
Dang Van Lam once created a super product to help SLNA beat Hanoi FC

“The players in this gathering have quite equal capacity. There is no difference between the players of the V.League vs First and Second Division and there is also a gap between those who have worked with Mr. Park and the players who are gathered for the first time. Basically, the opportunity is divided equally among all.”

"At this moment, I have not thought about the SEA Games yet. I just hope that in the next time I will continue to participate, the SEA Games is still a very distant future, but I will try my best.”

The U22 Vietnam team will practice until the end of August 27. Park Hang-seo continues to hold internal competitions, but in the remaining matches, the Korean strategist will play closed and closed to the media.

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