Iraq requests to postpone the friendly match with Vietnam

Author: Amelia
17:30 | 12/02/2020

Some sources say that the Iraqi Football Federation has requested to postpone the friendly match between Vietnam and Iraq on March 26.

In early February 2020, VFF confirmed that the Vietnamese team will play friendly against Iraq in the FIFA Days. This match is scheduled to be held on March 26 at Go Dau Stadium, Binh Duong.

However, according to some sources, the Iraq Football Association (IFA) has suddenly sent a request to the Vietnam Football Federation to postpone the football friendly match between Vietnam and Iraq on March 26.

The reason given by the Iraqi side is due to the complicated evolution of the corona virus disease in Vietnam. The Iraqi Football Association said it regretted making this decision, but this is essential to ensure the health of the players.

Earlier to prevent corona virus disease, the Football Federation of Vietnam also carefully selected the venue. Accordingly, VFF decided to hold the match in the south, to compete in the Go Dau Stadium, because Binh Duong province has not detected any cases of covid-19 infection.

Canceling the match will be regreting as both teams do not have the opportunity to review their squad and tactics before the 2022 World Cup qualifying match on March 31.

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