HAGL "lost" a penalty goal due to a mistake by the referee?

Author: Amelia
13:30 | 30/06/2020

If the referees more accurately in the context of Van Toan being pulled in the penalty area, the victory is likely to belong to HAGL.

In the 7th round of V-League 2020, HAGL Club had a goalless draw toHai Phong Club at Lach Tray Stadium. In this match, coach Lee Tae Hoon made a confusing decision when putting a series of pillars such as Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong or Minh Vuong on the bench.

This makes the play of the mountain town team appears to be relatively deadlock against the home team's solid defense. However, with Van Toan's aggressiveness in attack, HAGL still created some dangerous situations towards Hai Phong's goal. Even if the referee handled better, striker No. 9 would have brought a penalty for the mountain town team.

Van Toan was pulled down by Manh Hung in the penalty area
Van Toan was pulled down by Manh Hung in the penalty area

That is the situation, Van Toan dribbled speedily on the right wing. The captain of HAGL has surpassed Pham Manh Hung and the opportunity to score was very clear. Realizing the danger, the central defender of Hai Phong had a hug and pulled Van Toan in the penalty area.

However, despite the favorable observation angle, the referee Trinh Dinh Thinh (with two assistants, Nguyen Van Hau and Le Xuan Hung), said that Van Toan did not make a mistake, meaning there were no penalties for HAGL.

If carefully monitoring and analyzing this situation, it is clear that defender Manh Hung has enough impact on Van Toan, causing the HAGL striker to fall in the penalty area. Perhaps the fact that Van Toan fell so quickly caused the referees to control the game to think that the striker of HAGL intended to earn a penalty goal. If not, this could be the penalty to win the mountain team in this match.


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