Coach Troussier does not prioritize Quang Hai for World Cup goals

Author: Amelia
11:00 | 27/08/2020

Coach Troussier considers the current U19 team to play a key role in the 2026 World Cup campaign of Vietnamese football.

With the change in the number of teams participating in the World Cup finals and the rise of Vietnamese football, VFF is determined to bring Vietnam to participate in the biggest football tournament on the planet in 2026.

Currently both Park Hang-seo and Philippe Troussier are building together towards this great goal. According to Troussier, 80% of the current U19 to U22 players will be the core of the campaign.

Coach Troussier is disappointed by his professional qualifications in the National U19 Championship
Coach Troussier is disappointed by his professional qualifications in the National U19 Championship

However, when the media has put upside down the problem that the current national team players, Quang Hai, Cong Phuong, Tuan Anh, ... at that time just turned 30, they could still play well, even at Their youth also brought back impressive achievements such as participating in the 2017 youth World Cup or the AFC U23 runner-up in 2018, why Troussier believes in the current U19 age group, who repeatedly failed at international competitions. The French strategist has answered that question recently.

"Obviously, the new format that FIFA comes up with has given Vietnam great hope. That hope also requires action. In my opinion, the top priority right now is how to organize a larger system, "coach Troussier led into the problem.

Coach Troussier is recruiting forces for the 2026 World Cup campaign

In particular, coach Troussier said that the current young players have too little playing conditions. "We can expect players' progress through practice, but if they are not put into reality, their shortcomings and mistakes will not have a chance to acknowledge and correct. In Vietnam today, near-professional players, from U17 to U21, almost do not have the opportunity to rub it regularly, for that reason, there are players with excellent qualities such as Thanh Khoi or Cong To cannot play either.

Troussier analyzed the question above: "Why do I say 80% of the key force of the team towards the 2026 World Cup will come from the current U22 and U19 teambecause, in Six years from now, this group will be 25-26-27. For me, a strong national team will be the team with the core of the force in this age group. Maybe 80% is a bit of an exaggeration, but for me Think at least 50% of the national team will then come from this group.

Quang Hai was also nearly 30 years old. Most of the pillars of the current national team will also cross the 30th threshold in the next six years. I hope they can keep playing, but of course we need a little fresh wind. "

Mr. Troussier is a world-famous leader and his coming to Vietnam was very surprising. He revealed that it was his World Cup ambition that convinced him to come to Vietnam, firstly PVF and now as head coach of U19 Vietnam.​

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