BREAKING: Park said goodbye to the first Vietnamese U22 player

Author: Amelia
14:18 | 18/08/2020

After only 2 days of joining the army, defender Le Thanh Lam had to say goodbye to coach Park Hang-seo and U22 Vietnam.

Recently, 48 players officially joined forces at the VFF Youth Football Training Center, Hanoi. Park Hang-seo and his players have yet to go to the training ground, waiting for the results of the Covid-19 test.

However, after only 2 days, Park Hang-seo had to break up with the first name. Specifically, defender Le Thanh Lam left U22 Vietnam to return to SLNA due to an ankle ligament injury.

Le Thanh Lam said goodbye to U22 Vietnam (source: Nghe An newspaper)
Le Thanh Lam said goodbye to U22 Vietnam (source: Nghe An newspaper)

Le Thanh Lam, 20, is playing at center-back. This player was promoted to the first team of Song Lam Nghe An club when he was not yet 19 years old, but did not have a chance to try in the V.League.

SLNA's young midfielder is considered very promising thanks to having a height of up to 1,81 meters. Although he has an injury, Le Thanh Lam's chance to return to U22 Vietnam in the next gathering phase is still very wide.

The August callup is part of the campaign to prepare personnel for the 31st SEA Games. Park Hang-seo has the opportunity to review and evaluate an abundant force with a total of 48 players.

With this record-breaking number, Coach Park Hang-seo will divide the team into 2 groups, and at the same times, VFF facilitates the establishment of 2 coaching teams with full components to ensure the best professional and medical care.​

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