What did Quang Hai say before the match between Vietnam and Malaysia?

Author: Amelia
12:00 | 20/02/2020

Quang Hai wants to join Vietnam to defeat Malaysia in the 2022 World Cup Qualifier.

On February 19, the Hanoi Club had a friendly match with Viettel FC at Hang Day Stadium. After 90 minutes, the two teams drew 1-1. Notably, the brightest star Nguyen Quang Hai was unexpectedly sidelined.

Speaking after the match, Quang Hai revealed the reason why he was benched in the match at Hang Day.

"I currently have some problems with slight muscle strain. I think I am improving myself day by day. Each player is trying to contribute to the common goal of the whole team. When I am injured and had no strength. I want to quickly return to play."

Quang Hai wants to defeat Malaysia (photo: Kien Le)

The no. 19 player said he was ready to play at any assigned position. In addition, Quang Hai also aims to join Vietnam in thrashing Malaysia in the 2022 World Cup Qualifier.

"I cant not tell about the position as this is the arrangement of the coach. Personally, no matter what position I am in, I always try to do my best. Against Malaysia, I certainly try to play the best I can to win "- Quang Hai added.

Nguyen Quang Hai will join the Vietnam team on March 21, then the whole team will play friendly against Kyrgyzstan on March 26. Coach Park and his players will march to Malaysia on March 31.

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