Vietnam has young talents like Ngolo Kante

Author: Preeda Apsara
10:35 | 28/04/2020

Dang Quang Tu, 19, is called 'the person without lungs' or ‘Vietnamese Kante’.

Vietnamese football is focusing on the training of young players where they equip modern facilities and leading experts both from Vietnam and abroad. These include Viettel Football Training Center, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Academy JMG, PVF Center, Juventus Vietnam Academy ...

Dang Quang Tu

Many new training facilities have been established, but SLNA's training facilities have still confirmed their position. Over the years, this place still produces great talents for Vietnamese football. Among U19 players preparing to attend the U19 Asian Finals in 2020, SLNA also contributed a face nicknamed "Vietnamese Kante".

Midfielder Dang Quang Tu wears the No. 8 shirt of U19 Vietnam team in the U19 International Championship 2019 with the participation of U19 China, U19 Thailand and U19 Myanmar, Quang Tu. The 19-year-old contributed a great deal in the championship of U19 Vietnam.

Quang Tu is always full of enthusiasm whenever he plays on the field. No. 8 always makes the opponent be wary of fierce disputes as he is not afraid of collision and especially the ability to play tirelessly. In addition to the outstanding ability in one-one disputes, Tu also left an impression with long passes breaking through the offensive line.


Quang Tu's ability to play makes Vietnamese fans think of Ngolo Kante, the leading defensive midfielder of the French team. Quang Tu's teammates also admired the player, they had to say, "He has no lungs."

At a very young age, Quang Tu has won many big and small titles with the club as well as in the colors of Vietnamese youth teams. In the near future, this player will be the mainstay of U19 Vietnam in the AFC U19 Championship Finals 2020.

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