The V-League referees changed the wrong player of SLNA

Author: Amelia
15:00 | 01/07/2020

A rare situation happened in the last 7 round of V-League when the referee changed the wrong player of the Song Lam Nghe An Club (SLNA).

This situation took place in the 61st minute, coach Ngo Quang Truong decided to bring Sosseh and Quang Tinh into the field, replacing Dinh Tien and Dang Van Lam.

However, the referee called the wrong number 10 player Ho Tuan Tai instead of Dang Van Lam (number 12). Playing quite well, so Tuan Tai was surprised to be benched. It was not until he went out that he found out the referee changed the wrong player and asked to be back in the yard.

After a while of discussion, the referee Nguyen Viet Duan allowed Tuan Tai to return, and Van Lam had to leave the pitch. In the end, Tuan Tai actually left the pitch instead of Ho Phuc Tinh. During the press conference, coach Ngo Quang Truong refused to speak about this incident.

The referee replaced Van Lam by Tuan Tai
The referee replaced Van Lam by Tuan Tai

In the match, SLNA is more appreciated than the host Nam Dinh who has just replaced the coach. However, the Nghe team suffered 3 conceded goals by Tony Agbaji and Do Merlo’s brace.

This result pushed SLNA to the 5th position, while Nam Dinh temporarily escaped from the bottom position. It seems that their style heavily depends on Phan Van Duc who is being caught by the opponents, so coach Ngo Quang Truong needs to find new and more diverse options.

In the next round, SLNA will meet Quang Nam who suffered the 3-0 loss to Viettel.

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