SLNA Coach: 'Hanoi FC is the strongest team in V.League'

Author: Amelia
09:30 | 19/06/2020

Sharing after the victory against Hanoi FC, SLNA coach Ngo Quang Truong assessed the opponent as the strongest team in V.League.

SLNA Club won 1-0 over Hanoi FC at Hang Day Stadium. Dang Van Lam's goal (Đặng Van Lắm) ended a 33-match unbeaten run at home of the defending champions.

Coach Ngo Quang Truong shared: “The Hanoi Club is the strongest team in V.League. We have the luck factor to win against them. The Hanoi club put up, so they left a lot of space behind, and we took advantage of the opportunity. ”

“The team's competitive spirit is very good, we have prepared for this match, especially against the defending champions. Players like Hung Dung, Quang Hai, Van Quyet and 2 foreign soldiers are all good. We have tried to follow, limit, think of ways to block them. ”

After the goal, Hanoi FC continued to find ways to put up the attack to find a goal. Although Quang Hai has not fully recovered from injury, coach Chu Dinh Nghiem was forced to launch him into the pitch. Quang Hai immediately made a difference with skillful handling.

The coach of SLNA highly appreciated Quang Hai, this player is the leading star of Vietnamese football today, capable of creating very high mutations.

In particular, the 48-year-old captain praised goalkeeper Van Hoang, he said: “Hoang played very well. The way Van Hoang plays today is how he showed through other matches, not just this match, not only in front of the very strong attack of Hanoi ”.

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