Phan Van Duc: ‘SLNA played with 200% of their spirit’

Author: Amelia
16:30 | 19/06/2020

After an impressive victory over the V-League defending champions at Hang Day, Phan Van Duc said that the spiritual strength helped SLNA to exceed the targets.

Song Lam Nghe An has just had a surprise victory over the defending champions in Hanoi right on Hang Day yard. Although they were initially rated less than the home team, SLNA won 3 very impressive points in the focus match of the V-League Round 5 2020.

Speaking after the match, Phan Van Duc said that the Nghe An team only set a goal of 1 point but their mental strength helped them to do more: “SLNA only set the goal to have a point in this match but the whole team has play well and play with 200% of spirit. Mental strength has helped us exceed our targets. I am really proud of my team. "

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Van Duc believes that the spiritual strength helped SLNA excelled over Hanoi

"We are very happy to complete the mission and will play with the best spirit through each game to have the highest efficiency, while also giving the audience beautiful matches."

However, the No. 1 hope of SLNA’s attack still confirms that Hanoi Club is still the strongest V-League team at the moment: "Hanoi FC is a balanced team with many excellent players. SLNA was lucky, playing better in this match. In my opinion, Hanoi FC is still the strongest team in the V-League ".

3 points also helped SLNA temporarily rise to the top of the V-League rankings after the fifth round, 4 points higher than Hanoi FC. In addition, coach Ngo Quang Truong and his players continue to maintain the achievements that no team has in the V-League 2020 with 5 consecutive clean sheets.

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