King’s Cup 2020 cancelled due to concerns of Covid-19

Author: Amelia
17:52 | 11/06/2020

With the current situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Thailand, the King's Cup 2020 has been officially canceled.

Although Vietnam has successfully repelled the Covid-19 pandemic, many other countries in Southeast Asia are still struggling with this. Thailand is also one of the country is trying to contain the epidemic.

This is not only difficult for economic activities but many sporting events are also forced to be postponed or canceled. Recently, according to FAT, the annual tournament of Thailand, King’s Cup, will not be held this year due to Covid-19. Sharing with the media, Thai Rath TV manager- the copyright holder of this tournament affirmed:

The 2020 King's Cup will be officially canceled
The 2020 King's Cup will be officially canceled

“Since the right to broadcast live matches at King’s Cup 2020 belongs to us, we recently had a discussion with FAT. They concluded that from the incident of the Covid-19 epidemic, the tournament could not be organized and the King’s Cup will only take place next year when the situation is okay. Our broadcast contract for this tournament will be maintained until next year's tournament”.

This is quite a pity because King’s Cup is an annual tournament to honor the King of Thailand. At the tournament taking place in 2019, in addition to the home team, there are 3 other teams participating are Vietnam, Curacao and India. Vietnam then won the tournament runner-up after losing to Curacao on penalties.

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